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Process of Colonization & Decolonization

Deep Culture

Cultural Codes in Society-Abridged Deep Culture Essay

2035 Edition of the Hawai`i’s Travelers Guide

Poka’s Documents:

List of Documents

Walking the Crooked Path Straight

Settlers Code of Conduct

Process of Colonization and Decolonization

Historical Analysis to UNWGIP

HAWNCODE Redrafted

Conference Framework

Poka’s Biography

Apology Bill

Puanani’s Documents:

Pua’s List of Documents

A Gift of Aloha

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Thanks to Carroll Cox for the link!a/>

Thanks to Carroll Cox for the link!


Mauna here, with another update of the website. We have been reorganizing our media production, to help speed up upload times. Some of the changes we made are:
There is now an audio player on the “Radio” page, that allows you to listen to each months Hawaiian Potpourri program.

The Youtube site will now be used to host Olelo programs only, which will be very high quality, and will hopefully tie into, and expound on the topics discussed on the radio show.

Thank you all for continued support through our time of change,


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