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Review and Assessment

Na’i Aupuni Constitution

AHO Proposed Constitution with Additions

Unity and Transition Statement

Aloha Economy 1994

Deep Culture

Hawai’i National Transitional Authority


All documents are available for download. Please read and leave a comment so we can discuss the ideas presented here.

ALOHAECO in word2


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In my post yesterday, 10-14-15, I closed my comments saying, “I support the third alternative: Adopt a nation-within model and work with the DOI to develop how their rules are to be adjusted to the model. Second, adopt an independent nation model which pulls in people of all races of Hawaii who are eligible Hawaiian nationals (see draft of the Native Hawaiian Convention (Aha Hawai`i `Oiwi) at Third, form and activate the Hawaiian Transitional Authority which moves us from our current condition to one of Federal Recognition and/or directly to our independent nation, Hawaii.”
Many of you have not heard of this Hawaiian Transitional Authority (HTA) and may resist it because it sounds unfamiliar. I suggest it would be key to bringing us eventually to Independence. You may go to and find under the category of Na`i Aupuni a post explaining the HTA model.
I say in the opening paragraph: “To a large extent we are impacted by the reality of U.S.A. presence in Hawaii, its military influence, its current control over education, banking, media, foreign relations, etc. Yet, there seems to be an ancestral, historical, cultural, and visionary call to a sense of sovereign devotion to our Hawaiian nation, our claim for self-determination, the integrity of the native Hawaiian people in our own homeland. This is the Soul call. We could describe our general condition as one of a split person – Our soul yearns for independence while our body must function within the realities of U.S.A. occupation and colonization.”
This HTA will play a major role in unifying our native Hawaiian people together. No longer need we be a split people, in a dual personality of “American and Hawaiian.” The HTA can bring that transition across from whatever “American” attributes we cling to, into the fresh air of “He Hawai`i Au.” This transition will have to be a pervasive-global shift from current economics to a Hawaiian economy, from an American dominated “English” education to a Hawaiian conscious multi-cultural education, from a Western pharmaceutical based health system to an integrated Western-Pacific-Eastern, traditional and new age community based health system, from a deep culture of DIE to a culture of OLA. (See papers at and go to documents page)
Join me on the radio on and public broadcast, Saturdays from 4-6 p.m. and Sundays from 6-9 a.m. Call in number is 808 524-1080. Candidates for the delegate positions are especially welcome to join the conversation. I too am a candidate for one of these delegate positions.


Aloha All,

The Na’i Aupuni Convention page has just been added. Please feel free to leave comments, ask questions, post documents or videos. Feel free to share your opinion and perspective! Other candidates, please use this page as a forum for any issues that you’d like to raise. Mahalo!

Below are documents that will shed light on the history of the Native Hawaiian Convention, different models of governance, and key issues like citizenship and membership that need to be addressed. All documents are available for download.

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Poka Laenui Statement on Position, Approach, and HITA


Two tracks provided for – Native Hawaiian rights and Human rights

Inclusion rather than Exclusion

Model of independence



post 10-12-15 on the 1st and 2nd native Hawaiian convention

post 10-14-15 on DOI Rules & aha


These documents are in Microsoft Word format and are available for download. These documents and all other documents can be found on our documents pages. Mahalo!



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Process of Colonization & Decolonization

Deep Culture

Cultural Codes in Society-Abridged Deep Culture Essay

2035 Edition of the Hawai`i’s Travelers Guide

Poka’s Documents:

List of Documents

Walking the Crooked Path Straight

Settlers Code of Conduct

Process of Colonization and Decolonization

Historical Analysis to UNWGIP

HAWNCODE Redrafted

Conference Framework

Poka’s Biography

Apology Bill

Puanani’s Documents:

Pua’s List of Documents

A Gift of Aloha

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