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Economics seems to touch every aspect of Hawaii’s past, present, and future.  It’s a reflection of culture, laws, environment, attitudes, values, etc.  In these papers, I have tried to give the reader a view of how economics can be seen from the perspective of new and challenging values.  One different perspective is to structure a national or community economic system from the eyes of a hungry child rather than Adam Smith’s invisible hand, or to switch from the approach of the Gross National Product to the Gross National Happiness, or to search for the meaning of Pono economics.  These are documents covering a period from the early 1990’s to the present.  The two principle writers are Regina Gregory who starts off with the first 3 documents, and myself with most of the remaining documents.  Dr. Kioni Dudley has joined me in the report on the Hawaiian Sovereignty Economic Symposium.  I have also reprinted an article from Maddie Felts who writes on the Pursuit of Global National Happiness.  (I have misplaced the source of Maddie’s article.) 

We hope you can prosper from this discussion of Hawaiian economics and what it can and should be.  Should you wish to contribute to this page with your document, please feel free to send the paper to

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